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Layering Foods

Nutrition | January 23, 2011

Okay, so we all know that sugar spikes insulin in the bloodstream and contributes to fat storage.

But say your meal consists of something sugary like yogurt or a candy bar. What do you do? Layer your food!

Reducing the Glycemic Impact

When you eat, your teeth grind up all that food into pulp and paste. In the stomach it's all mixed up and the glycemic impact is somewhat averaged out. However, it is possible to really lessen the impact any one particular ingredient has by providing a bed of low glycemic foods upon which the other foods are placed.

Avoiding Insulin Response

Salads are usually very low glycemic due to the minimal carbohydrate content of greens and vegetables. Nuts are also an excellent low glycemic base. By consuming these first the impact of later foods is significantly decreased. A significant insulin response can be avoided.

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